We have detailed below the responsibilities we believe represent the minimum criteria for the management:

Accounting services

  • Establish and maintain the finances of the Corporation
  • Issue levy notices – standard levies
  • Monitor recovery of levy arrears
  • Pay invoices on behalf of Owners Corporation
  • Pay disbursements and expenses incurred in connection with agent’s management of the Units Plan
  • Provide reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy status report if required for meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011
  • Prepare administrative fund budget and sinking fund budget
  • Manage all administrative, sinking fund & other funds of the Owners Corporation
  • Provide financial statements for Executive Committee Meetings


  • Prepare and lodge insurance claims
  • Arrange insurance valuation as required
  • Obtain quotes for insurance renewal as requested and subject to the FSRA (Financial Services Reform Act)
  • Renew insurances (according to instructions)


  • Maintain corporate register and minute book including electronic rolls
  • Maintain correspondence file
  • Record and retain notices as required by Section 119
  • Administer common seal
  • ‘Welcome Pack’/Introductory Letter sent to all new owners
  • Attend to routine communication via fax, email, verbal, letter etc.


  • Prepare and distribute notices of Annual General Meetings
  • Attend Annual General Meetings held outside office hours at agent’s premises (will negotiate other venues)
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of Annual General Meetings
  • Arrange for venue for meetings (cost of venue to be borne by Owners Corporation)

Executive Committee Meetings

  • Prepare and distribute notices of executive committee meetings
  • Attend executive committee meetings held during office hours
  • Attend executive committee meetings held outside office hours
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of meetings


  • Answer queries from the executive committee about the rules and answer general enquiries