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General Management

Help Desk

Our Body Corporate Management has an efficient and effective emergency call helpdesk. Calls can be made to one number, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week on 02 6295 6888 or to access our helpdesk. Alternatively you may email requests to our office at helpdesk@rhccanberra.com.au.

Caretaker Services

We can provide caretaker services. The caretaker services could include the following:

  • Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and general standards of a modern commercial and residential apartment building.
  • Be the point of contact for owners and tenants. In addition to cleaning duties and attending to minor maintenance issues you will be responsible for liaising with contractors and tradesmen undertaking work on the building in consultation with the Body Corporate.
  • Will monitor permanent movements into and out of the building, issue and audit security cards for access to the building and report to the Body Corporate on issues relating to operation of the building.
  • Check access control readers
  • Monitor parking and issue notices to offenders
  • Supervise cleaning services
  • Order and replace common area light bulbs
  • Attend to general handyman repairs
  • Attend to and clean spills and pick up litter in all areas as they occur
  • Make safe or barricade off trip and other hazards until repaired
  • Remove blockages from garbage chute and monitor waste in the basement emptying and replacing bins as needed
  • Monitor bin lifter and compactor functionality
  • Collection of litter including cigarette butts
  • Cleaning of paved areas including bird droppings
  • Liaise with landscaping contractors with regard to mulching and plantings
  • Watering as directed by landscaping contractors
  • Submit weekly activity and building report to:
  • Executive Committee
  • Managing Agent
  • General record keeping of incident reports
  • Process access control cards in accordance with building policy
  • Issuing of cards
  • Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards
  • Annual audit of access cards
  • Provide access where necessary
  • Liaise with contractors for works including quotations
  • General communication with relevant parties using phone, fax and email
  • Monitoring of moves in and out of the complex and keep records of lift access
  • Collating and follow up of after-hours incidents
  • Liaise with tenants, unit owners and agents with regard to answering enquiries and communicating complaints


Raine & Horne Commercial Canberra

Raine & Horne Commercial Canberra

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E: enquiries@rhccanberra.com.au

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Raine & Horne Strata Canberra

T: (02) 6295 6888
F: (02) 6239 6884
E: Reception@rhcfact.com.au

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