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Facilities Management

We believe Facilities Management is a key component of our body corporate business and key to a successful operation of a body corporate complex for the interests of the building owners.   Ensuring the asset is maintained correctly now which will pay dividends in the future.

Facilities Management aspects of the building include, but not limited to the following:

  • Arrange for appropriately qualified contractors to undertake routine repairs and maintenance of the common property.  This also includes follow up those works to ensure they have been completed and performed correctly.
  • Ensure all maintenance contracts/repairs/routine servicing offers value for money for the building owners.
  • Liaise with the Executive Committee or Units Plan nominee for repairs and maintenance and upkeep.
  • Overall management and maintenance of the property, including plant and machinery, ensuring efficient and safe operation of all the facilities and dealing with any emergencies that may arise.
  • Investigate and resolve any unexpected maintenance problems or equipment failures.
  • Operate a twenty-four (24) hour on-call service to deal with on-site management issues, maintenance problems or breakdowns.
  • Monthly reports on the state of the building and facilities including action taken and any recommendations.
  • Maintain and keep up-to-date a Managers Manual listing all equipment and facilities in the   property, what maintenance and refurbishment is required for each item, the frequency of regular inspections and servicing, the name and address, contact names and phone numbers of all contractors and contractor’s staff on call for emergency repairs, sources of supplies, businesses and other information relevant to the proper maintenance of the property.
  • Supervise contracted service providers to ensure that their services are properly carried out. Ensure that all contract service work has been adequately carried out before recommending that invoices are paid.
  • Receive and deal with enquiries, correspondence requests and complaints regarding the building, property and facilities.
  • Negotiation of service contracts for all common area assets.
  • Conduct regular occupational health and safety inspections and conduct site specific contractor inductions.

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