Raine & Horne Strata: Your complete Body Corporate Solution!

Raine & Horne Strata is Canberra’s 1st all-inclusive specialist body corporate service, incorporating strata, facilities and building management all under one roof.

We work closely with our Executive Committees to ensure that your property is maintained and operates efficiently for the benefit of all owners and residents, now and well into the future.

Our aim is to make life easier for our clients by providing a solution-based, efficient and exceptional management service that is much more than just maintenance and meetings. Our philosophy and management style is to ‘work closely with you to protect and improve your assets by delivering value for money’.

Our approach is very much hands on and involves having a dedicated specialist Strata Manager and dedicated specialist Facilities Manager. If required, we will appoint a dedicated on-site Building Manager who is readily available, accessible, familiar and knowledgeable, not only with the building but with all EC members and residents. Our team of managers work together and each division knows what the other is doing.

We conduct regular inspections of your property. This is not only to ensure all contractors perform their duties, but also to identify any potential issues such as current or future maintenance requirements. Our team will be fully conversant with the operation of your property.

We look at ways of reducing overall costs, improve your asset and to ensure value in your spending. One of the principles we apply to assist you in operating Strata is to have the mindset that we are managing a building on behalf of all owners, rather than just managing a ‘Body Corporate’. This includes providing solutions that are effective; whether they be defect liabilities, maintenance problems, security arrangements, etc.

One of the key characteristics of our business solution is providing Facilities Management services based on sound asset management principals. Comprising key activities, such as introducing and implementing asset management plans and preventative maintenance contracts for all building assets and services that have an impact on your amenity. We believe this is essential in the operation of any Strata Management.

It comes back to our mindset that aligns to ‘managing a building that provides amenity’, not just managing Strata. This mindset has come directly from our experience and application of managing small to large commercial properties. Essentially we apply the same principles to assist managing assets on behalf of Strata.